Construction ANPR Cameras

ANPR picture

ANPR and overview cameras capture the entire access or egress of a vehicle on and off site. The cameras are able to record and gather information such as number plate, driver details, company details, vehicle colour, vehicle type and vehicle status.

This information is integrated with a variety of DataScope’s applications, cross referencing either pre-enrolled or live information collected at the entry or exit points on our rugged tablets. 

Integrated with the following DataScope Systems: 

Digital Signature

Digital Signage

Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages 

Vehicle Information captured

Vehicle Information Captured 


Automated Reporting 

CO2 Cloud

CO2 Calculations 

CCTV Camera

Camera Analytics

Access & Egress on Site Construction Logistics Services

The data captured from the cameras can rapidly determine if the vehicle is allowed or denied access. If access is allowed, the system automatically interfaces with the client’s physical equipment such as traffic barriers, gates or other means.

The ANPR system features LED signage and can display information to drivers in many languages, to speed up the entry or exit process on site. Full integration with our wider suite of systems means our clients can receive automated intuitive reports as well as CO2 calculations per vehicle or per site.

The system can also work simultaneously with many different camera analytics, allowing even more automated control and smart reporting functionality.

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