Briefings Platform

Fully integrated with our Time & Attendance System, our Briefings Platform for the construction industry allows site teams to efficiently distribute site briefings to teams which they can read, acknowledge and/or action from their own device.

Briefings can be made in a number of formats including simple messaging, questionnaires, videos and more.  


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Send Critical Messages, Questionnaires and More to your Construction Workforce

Automated emails can be set up to notify operatives to complete a briefing. The workforce can view videos, complete forms and view/download any supplementary documents from a PC or their smartphone device.

Any forms sent to operatives can include:

  • PDF
  • Videos
  • Drop-down lists
  • Tick-box/radio buttons
  • Date capture
  • Signature capture (sign on glass)


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Email Creation

Our platform allows you to create email and SMS templates that your workforce will receive along with their briefings. 

Recipients can be added manually or imported from a database for convenience. 

Briefings can be categorised into groups such as work level, job role or language, allowing tailored messages to be sent to specific groups. 



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Recipient History

Our online platform allows users to monitor the progress of all briefings; to view who has opened a briefing, and who is yet to complete it. All completed briefing responses can be viewed online.

Alerts can also be configured to trigger if somebody answers a question in a particular way.
All recipient progress and responses can be exported with the click of a button directly on the platform for all reporting requirements.




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