Briefings Platform

Fully integrated with our Time & Attendance System, Briefings Platform for the construction industry allows site teams to efficiently distribute site briefings to teams which they can read, acknowledge and/or action from their own device.

Briefings can be made in a number of formats including simple messaging, questionnaires, videos and more.  

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Signature capture

Briefings Platform for the construction industry

Covid-19 Messaging

DataScope’s Briefings platform has been used to distribute COVID-19 return to work forms via email to operatives

Operatives can view videos, complete forms and view/download any supplementary documents from a PC or their smartphone.

Any forms sent to operatives can include:

  • PDF
  • Videos
  • Drop-down lists
  • Tick-box/radio buttons
  • Date capture
  • Signature capture (sign on glass)
Construction Briefings Platform

Email Creation

Our platform allows you to create email and SMS templates that your workforce will receive along with their briefings. 

Construction Site Briefings Platform

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