Rugged Tablet

Integrated seamlessly with DataScope’s Delivery Management System, DataScope’s DMS App  allows construction logistics teams to check in site deliveries in real time as well as carry out critical vehicle compliance checks, capture photographs and electronic signature live at the point of delivery. 
The App is hosted on our Rugged Tablets which are specifically designed for harsh construction environments. 

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Rugged Tablet

The Hardware

Our Rugged Tablets are completely protected against dust and water. In fact, the tablet can be completely submerged in water and continue to operate.
 The toughened case is protected from shocks and drops and the toughened screen protects against damage from pressure and impact.

Tested for 1.5 metre drops you can be sure to always pick up your tablet and continue working.

Live Delivery Management


    • Check deliveries in and out as they enter and leave site or a vehicle holding area
    • Additional funcionality to manage multi-drop deliveries and unplanned deliveries
    • Colour-coded schedule of planned, accepted deliveries for that day
    • Deliveries are colour coded to indicate whether they are on time, late, or a multi-drop delivery
    • Deliveries can be filtered by gate, booking ID, Company and Arrival  Time
    • All data captured feeds into directly to the Delivery Management System to inform delivery performance reporting



DMS App for Construction Sites

Vehicle Compliance

  • When a delivery arrives, users can complete a checklist of critical and non-critical items
  • DataScope will create a bespoke vehicle checklist to meet your site specific requirements
  •  Option to add comments and photographs, comments, and capture a signature (sign on glass)


Delivery Management System

DataScope’s DMS app is part of a wider suite of construction logistics tools that enable contractors and site teams take full control of the end-to-end logistics cycle.

The tablet synchronises with the wider DataScope Delivery Management System, pulling and pushing live delivery data allowing teams to analyse delivery performance and more.

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