Time & Attendance System

DataScope has created an industry leading Time & Attendance System that underpins all of our Access Control hardware. Our platform allows a vast suite of reporting, fatigue management, training module, briefing tool, dashboard functions, time constraints and many more features. As a templated system and with a fully inhouse software development team we are also able to build upon this to incorporate any customer and/or project specific requirements.

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Briefing Tool

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Time & Attendance Software for Construction sites

Solution Overview


Time & Attendance software for the Construction Industry

DataScope began developing its Time & Attendance system in 2004, and today we firmly believe it to be the most advanced and flexible Time & Attendance solution to the construction industry.

The DataScope System can be customised to suit the requirements of the project, modules can be added as required and full integrated with other modules within the system.

Intelligent Operative Management

DataScope’s Time & Attendance System is set up to enable subcontractors to add and manage their own operatives on the system, saving costly administration time.

Operative Access Restrictions

The DataScope system allows for site, contractor, and operative restrictions to be set, based on individual competencies, work level, warnings, site schedule among others.

Access restrictions can also be set to specific site areas where necessary and the system is also set up to detect and prevent duplicate swipes (pass back).

Construction Site Time & Attendance System
Construction Site Time & Attendance Software

Powerful Reporting and Dashboards

DataScope’s System comes with a mature reports engine and dashboard solution that allows you to export a range of site and health & safety reports in just a few clicks. Reports can include:

  • Random Operative selector
  • First in Last Out
  • Live number of operatives on site
  • Operative’s with critical competencies expiring
  • Swipe Misuse
  • CO2 usage travelling to and from site
  • Training statistics
  • First-Aider Reports

While DataScope offers a range of standard reports, we will build bespoke reporting options based on any data sets captured within the system.


The Hardware

DataScope offers a wide range of hardware options to suit sites of all requirements including a range of turnstile options, plug and play units, and a Remote Worker App.  


DataPod – Mobile Turnstile Designed for Construction Sites

DataTime – Clocking  System

Remote Worker App – for Time & Attendance

To discuss your project specific access control requirements, to arrange a survey, or request a quote or demonstration, we would be happy to help.

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