DataTime – Clocking System

DataTime is a mobile clocking system for Time & Attendance Management on construction sites. The device is designed specifically for remote construction sites or sites which do not have the space or need for a turnstile.

• Plug and Play

• Instant setup, can be simply unplugged and moved if

• Secure and reliable biometrics, facial recognition or /swipe card technology

• Touchscreen allows for enrolment on the unit itself

• Option for health and safety/ fatigue management questions

• Integrated with the DataScope online Time & Attendance

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DataTime Mobile Clocking System for Time & Attendance Management



DataTime Mobile Unit for construction site Time & Attendance

Fatigue Management and Messaging Options

Our DataTime unit comes with the option of displaying health & safety messaging as well as asking Fatigue Management Questions such as:

  • Less than 12 hours between shift
  • Travel time to site
  • Expected travel time from site

All questions asked on the unit are fed directly back to our Fatigue Management System as part of fatigue and exceedance reports. 

More Info on Fatigue Management 



Access Control underpinned by industry-leading Time & Attendance software

All of our Access Control Hardware integrates with DataScope's Time & Attendance System as standard.

DataTime has all the benefits of our Time & Attendance Management system all contained in one highly mobile unit that can sit anywhere on site and be moved at any time.

Find out more on our Time & Attendance system:

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