Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning is an advanced construction project management tool that drives collaboration across projects and trades by allowing teams to create and actively manage advance lookaheads of projects.

Our Digital Project Delivery System starts with collaborative lookahead planning. Here we can take your project plan and transpose it into a digital planning wall that spans 6 to 12 weeks.

Engage contractors to collaboratively plan their works aligning a level of detail that flushes out further opportunities to condense timescales, expose potential blockers and address make ready needs.

The digital planning wall can quickly toggle between swim lane, gantt chart and sticky note views. This facilitates efficient collaborative planning reviews, with easy and dynamic update, accessible on multiple devices.

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Dynamic Project Management

Accessible on multiple devices, dynamically manage your project lookaheads using a swim lane, gantt chart and sticky note views.

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Project Management portal for Construction sites

Interactive Collaborative Planning Meetings

Detailed weekly work-plans can be easily captured by each contractor, with 2D site plans and mark-ups generated for improved visualisation of activities across the site.

These then feed into the Digital Daily Activity Briefing solution (DataTouch). Facilitated on interactive screens, DataTouch helps to streamline and improve the DABs process onsite. 

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Weekly Work Plans

Create weekly work plans, high risk activities and resources to wider project tasks. Add variance codes and corrective actions. 

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Reporting and Dashboards

Daily reporting is automated providing a clear update on progress, visual of planned works, performance trends on Percentage Planned Complete (PPC) and transparency of blockers and delays. Here we can help the team capture and drive the appropriate corrective actions, that contain and truly resolve key unforeseen issues. PDF reports can be automatically distributed at the end of each meeting and include High Risk Activities along with Productivity and Delivery information.

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Task Sign Off App

Our system can also allow subcontractors to automatically receive subtasks via DataScope’s accompanying App and sign them off as they are completed. Variance Codes can also be added by subcontractors via the app. All updates are then fed back into the Collaborative Planning and DataTouch Interfaces respectively.

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