Fatigue Management

DataScope’s Fatigue Management System has been developed to help construction sites actively monitor, control and manage operative fatigue through health & safety data capture and proactive alerts and reports. 

Set up exceedance alerts to email Health & Safety teams via the online system when an operative has exceeded a number of hours work or has had an inadequate break between shifts. When these restrictions are exceeded, the site team receive instant email alerts as well as reporting.

The intelligent software is seamlessly integrated with a range of our access management hardware with the potential for health & safety questioning to be asked when an operative swipes on or off site.

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Proactive and Reactive Exceedance Management and Alerts

The fatigue management system uses swipe and travel data captured at the access point to alert Health & Safety teams of any potential and actual exceedances.

These can then be managed and acknowledged via the system with the option to record actions, mitigation measures as well as uploading documentation to support. 

Intelligent Reporting

DataScope offer a range of Fatigue Management reporting options which include both proactive and reactive reports and alerts.

The Alerts Dashboard gives system users a quick reference to all activity on any given site that their login has access to, showing an overview of total hours (worked and travel) plus a comprehensive list of amber and red alerts generated by the Fatigue Management System.

Reporting Options

Alerts dashboard with colour coding Reports to show potential exceedance
All sites can be shown on a single report if required

Highly Customisable filtering

Number on site with travel available Reports output to Excel, PDF or CSV


Integrated Hardware

DataTime is a standalone time & attendance unit that simply requires power. Available as a fixed or mobile unit, with its own data connection, this plug and play device can sit anywhere on site and can be moved at any time allowing operatives to clock in and out using either fingerprint recognition or proximity cards.

Fixed or mobile options available Asks critical, customisable fatigue questions
Capture fatigue/shift/induction records

Can be installed as part of a physical access control solution

Provide operative safety feedback Fully integrated with online system and feeds data directly

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