RAMS Management

DataScope’s RAMS Management System has been specifically designed to streamline the Risk Assessment and Method Statement approval process allowing contractors and the supply chain to electronically upload RAMS for digital approval from one, user-friendly online system.

We configure the system to follow your site specific approval process, with automatic email alerts, a secure electronic audit trail of all approvals, rejections and revisions.

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Auto alerts

Automatic Alerts

Approval Online

Online Review and Approval

Bespoke, multi-stage approval processes

Option for multi-stage sign off


Follow site specific approval routes


Full electronic audit trail


Configurable validity durations


Digital RAMS Management System

Key Features

  • Upload and submit RAMS securely on the DataScope System and any accompanying documents
  • Attach images for visual assessment 
  • Customise the category of document which can be added to a submission
  • Option for Multi-Stage Sign Off of RAMS where required
  • Automatic alerts when a RAMS is due to expire
  • Revise RAMS and include revision numbers
  • Set validity durations
  • Full electronic audit trail of all RAMS
  • Colour-coded status for approved, pending, rejected and closed out RAMS


RAMS management

How Does it Integrate?

DataScope's RAMS Management System is modular but can be fully integrated with DataScope's suite of systems. It directly integrates with our dynamic planning tools, DataTouch and Collaborative Planning to link work activities to RAMS for each contractor.


RAMS Management

Case Study - Berkeley Homes


Berkeley Homes

"After acknowledging the challenges we experienced every so often with a manual procedure, the benefits of using one online system for all RAMS has saved time and reduced the risk of missing expired RAMS."


Discover how DataScope's system designed for Berkeley Homes transformed the RAMS approval process.

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