DataScope’s TouchWall links multiple screens that are slaved linked to the master DataTouch Screen.

TouchWall elevates the DABS, Collaborative Planning and Weekly look ahead meetings by creating a series of linked and sequential DataTouch screens to visualise multiple areas, weeks or a combination of both at the same time.

TouchWall allows you to create different scenarios to digitally display, control and manage your weekly look ahead meetings. These scenarios can be any combination of Drawings, Dashboards, Sticky Walls etc from any combination of DataScope’s product range.

Datascope TouchWall


TouchWall has been specifically designed to digitise the traditional site planning room — creating a digital Control room that allows site teams to view, Collaborate and interact with weekly work plans across a number of screens concurrently.

Working in conjunction with our ground-breaking DataTouch software, TouchWall allows site teams and contractors to visualise work tasks and hazards, as well as complete DABS meetings and digital lookahead reviews efficiently and more effectively.

Site teams can use the software to view and visualise different areas/floors across all screens concurrently or view the same area over a different number of weeks.

Once a plan is selected on the main (master) screen, the other screens automatically update to show the different areas or weeks.

Create DABS scenarios where you look at sequential site areas/levels on a chosen date. Create a lookahead scenario where you can see sequential levels and the activities for the next two weeks.

How Does it Integrate?

Touchwall is a viewing extension of the DataTouch Planning tool. DataTouch can link with the full range of DataScope products including:

  • Delivery Management System
  • Asset Management
  • RAMS
  • Resource Booker
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Time & Attendance
  • Permits

Construction Project Management Software

Maximise productivity with DataScope's integrated planning tools

TouchWall is best utilised in tandem with the DataTouch and Collaborative Planning tools. This synergy will elevate your planning meetings to provide the team with total transparency of daily and weekly activities, this will drive health and safety, risk management and collaboration on site to drive efficiencies that will help your team deliver your project on time.

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