Construction Contact Tracing Tags

DataTrace Construction Contact Tracing system has been developed to help manage social distancing within a construction site environment. DataTrace helps our clients develop and manage COVID-19 protocols and compliance requirements, varying per location and project.

Our Contact Tracing Solution uses wearable tags that send audible, visual and vibration alerts when workers come within a certain distance of one another to support social distancing protocols. Fully integrated with our Time & Attendance platform, all instances of contact are automatically uploaded to our system to allow project teams to run a contact tracing report if required.

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Contact tracing

Contact tracing

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Operative registration

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Reports and dashboards


Construction contact tracing

Key Features

Green tick iconDataTrace Construction Contact Tracing uses BLE beacon technology to identify proximity of other tags.

Green tick iconAudible / physical (vibration) alerts are triggered when tags come within a pre-defined range.

Green tick iconAll equipment is pre-configured and only requires power.

Green tick iconIntegrated with our Time & Attendance platform for contact tracing reporting and dashboards.



Green tick iconView a timestamped report of exactly who a tag has come into contact with and for how long.

Green tick iconOperatives do not need to install an application on their personal device.

Green tick iconHardware comes as a wearable sensor which can be attached to a lanyard and worn.

Green tick iconTags are rechargeable.

Operative Registration App

Efficiently assign tags to users by scanning the tag QR code using our app, which is linked directly with our Time & Attendance System. This allows you to search and assign an operative to a tag from the database or instantly view the operative information associated with a tag.


Operative Info

Contact Tracing

In the event that an operative reports to be unwell, the our system can be interrogated and the tags that have been in close proximity are provided as a report. The report then shows the duration of these interactions and the data stored in the Access Control system can then be leveraged to contact operatives impacted. The availability of instant contact tracing reports means sites stay safe and productivity remains up.


Dynamic Reporting and Dashboards

DataTrace can also be linked directly with PowerBI dashboards to show live tag information such as number of people by company and area, operatives with tags not issued, total operatives by area and many more.



Construction Contact Tracing reporting

The DataTrace Contact Tracing Solution is a combination of a range of established technology and DataScope components. These are configured to provide an innovative and flexible contact tracing solution for a construction site environment. DataScope have a wealth of experience in providing sophisticated and complex logistics, people, planning and QHSE tools to the Construction Industry.

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