Material & Requisitions Management

Our Assets and Requisitions System has been specifically designed to enable site teams to take full control of the management all assets, tools, plant and consumables across all sites, from their manufacture and delivery, right to installation. The system included a BIM catalogue of stock, inventory management & stock requests, as well as requisitions management. 

Manage assets cradle to grave, track assets, tools, plant and equipment from supplier to installation, as well as creating a catalogue of items used across your project.

Management Laptop

Material Management

The system can be used to manage the inventory of a variety of materials i.e. construction materials, consumables, aggregates, plant, waste and more.

Spreadsheets in the approved format can be uploaded and all the Assemblies, subassemblies, elements, tools and consumables etc are inserted into the catalogue of the system.

If an assembly is chosen, it can be expanded to view the hierarchical makeup of that assembly and the quantities used.


Construction Material Management

Stock Management

The system allows stock management teams to proactively manage their stock as well as site to make stock requests and mark stock as installed.

All items that have been booked in from a delivery are shown in stock. All stock is available to any sites or yards that are linked. You can send assets to quarantine, mark them as installed and view any documentation that has been uploaded against it.

Construction Material Management software

Requisitions Management 

The system allows users to create a request for materials (submit a requisition). Users can view all stock that is available and request the quantities required. Yards and sites can be filtered as required.  

Users can only request stock that is specifically available to their site. Once stock is selected and added to the request, stock levels are updated in real time.  

Managament Laptop

Installation App

Installations can be Tracked and Managed via DataScope’s Installation App. 

Management Mobile 1


Management Mobile 2

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