Field Management App

Manage and complete a wide range of Health & Safety and Assurance forms and process tasks from any smartphone device, as well as dynamically manage them all from one platform with DataScope’s Field Management System. Available on Android and iOS, our app can host a range of bespoke forms, all accessible from one app and one common data platform. 

DataScope will design the documents, workflow and approval process to meet your exact requirements. All completed forms are automatically turned into PDFs are available for review via our web system.


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Multiple Data Capture


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Multi stage approval

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& approval

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Auto generated 
PDF forms

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Electronic audit trail


Field Management Laptop and App

Multiple Forms and Processes Managed from One Platform

DataScope can create a wide range of forms that are all available from one app and one common data platform. 

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Flexible Data Capture

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Multiple Data Capture options to meet your exact requirements

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Drop documents onto an interactive site map to link dynamically with DataTouch

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Assign users to completed documents to allow them to view, action or approve the document in-app


Dynamic Process Management

We have created purpose-built software, that allows us to automate complex multi-stage approval and workflow processes, allowing us to define where documents are sent, who needs to be notified via email, and who to approve them or take action.

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Mace Case Study: Riser Management

"The system has been designed to work as one seamless experience for both the project team and the supply chain, making the booking and approval process run as smoothly and painlessly as possible.


Find out how we integrated our Field Management software with our Asset Management to enable effective end-to-end management of a safety-critical process on site. 

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Automated Digital Audit Trail 

For each form all actions taken, approvals/rejections, and completed forms, signatures and photographs are instantly available to view in one automatically created PDF. 

Permit PDFs

Document Drop

DataTouch Integration

Drop documents such as Good Catch Reports, Corrective Actions and Snagging directly onto the area of concern on a site drawing. The document is then instantly visualised as a hotspot on DataTouch.

Once an area has been selected, a range of documents can be completed and marked to the drawing.

Once completed a marker will show on the map. This can also be automatically displayed as a hotspot in DataTouch.

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