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DataScope recognises the numerous challenges associated with communicating to construction workers in a high-risk, often multilingual environment. DataVision is a digital signage tool to visually convey key messages and information in a really clear yet  engaging way.

Designed specifically for the construction industry, DataScope builds, delivers and maintains a digital communication system for you to broadcast up-to-the-minute information to your audience. We provide you with a solution to allow global and local information to be sent to multiple screens in unlimited physical locations from any location. 

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Digital Sinage for Construction Sites


Show certain messages at set times, perhaps to welcome specific guests on-site or to communicate messages to staff at times when they are most likely to be passing through Reception. With nothing to install on your computer, any user given access can simply use their secure login and make the changes needed using a simple drag and drop format.

Multi-Media and Live Data Options

Create screens using a wide range of the below media options and much more. 


Scrolling PDFs Messages/Notices
Live News/Social Media Feeds Live Transport Information 
Live Site Data and stats Dashboards
Weather Website Display



Live Project Data

DataVision can display live project statistics and data pulled from any of our systems. Our screens can also display live poject dashboards, pulled directly from PowerBI to provide visual critical site information.

Show live number of operatives on site, daily deliveries, live permits, and much more.

Digital Sinage system


Show static images, or a slideshow of images as required and display PDFs that automatically scroll through the pages. 


Link multiple DataVision screens together to create a isual Control Tower solution. DataWall effectively lets the user build multi view dashboard templates which can comprise of a number of different data feeds. (DataScope, Clients feeds, PowerBi etc.) Read more here.

Digital Sinage linked to construction project management software

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