Transform how your project is viewed and managed with DataScope’s TimeLapse cameras. Capture footage of months, or even years’ worth of work and transform into an impressive video ready to go in minutes. This unique tool helps you to view your project from a new perspective as well as engaging key stakeholders.

How it works

DataScope’s HD cameras record high-resolution images and allow you to view your construction project minute-by-minute. Our user-friendly software allows you to turn those images into a video which can be used for marketing and internal communication purposes. 


With no installation of software required, all you need to do is log in online to view the images recorded. Select a date range of images, choose the number of images and decide at what speed it cycles through them. With just a few clicks, the software then turns this into a video ready for download.


Key Features

Construction site footage

Creates site footage overview


Adjustable Video Functions

Adjustable video functions


HD image quality

High definition image quality


Global Access

24/7 global access

Fully Downloadable

Fully downloadable


3G/4G image collection

3G/4G image collection




Site Progress

Site Progress 

Timelapse aids in documenting site progress overtime. By configuring the time and duration of a video, construction teams can easily monitor the project progress and ensure key milestones are reached at the right time.  

Instant Access

With our 24/7 remote access feature, users can view all up-to-date images in one place. This reduces the need for frequent site visits and allows for instant site monitoring at any time.

Engaging Key Stakeholders 

Showcase the changing phases of ongoing construction projects to key stakeholders with our attractive TimeLapse videos. The videos can be used for presentations, marketing purposes or even feature on display signage and our interactive planning tools.

Further Integration with DataScope's Suite of Systems DABS meetings

DataScope are working on several time-lapse developments which aim to integrate effortlessly with our wider range of systems. This includes allowing time-lapse footage to be viewed on DataTouch, enabling management teams to show selected footage during DABs meetings. An advantage of this feature is to showcase all progress on site to not only construction teams, but also to clients or visitors. 

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