Logistics Tracking

Our Logistics Tracking solutions is an android app and online system which allow logistics teams to scan, track and manage all deliveries, media and items throughout the entire logistics cycle. 

DataScope will work with you to understand your logistics process and design a system that reflects your unique end-to-end logistics process, constraints and challenges allowing team members to scan and track .   

Scan & Track Deliveries 

Logistics Tracking App

The App

Our Service Centre App can be used on any Android Device to allow users to scan the QR code labels of delivery items, cages, containers, vehicles, warehouses, drop-points and more to allow for granular logistics tracking. Use the app to capture signatures for proof of delivery, reasons for delays, seal/unseal vehicles and more.  


Intelligent Package Management

Service Centre gives you a full timestamped delivery audit trail with photograph and signature evidence of all delivery movements that have been scanned using the app.

Warehouses, delivery vehicles, cages, drop points can all be assigned constraints with intelligent alerts when an item or container is scanned into the wrong area. 

Automatically generated QR labels for all containers can be created and printed from the online system. 

Users can create container constraints/rules around what containers can be recorded inside another.

Exception Events and Alerts

Automatic alerts are sent to the logistics team when an exception has occurred. For example, cages being identified as entering locations that they should not be, or a vehicle seal recorded on departure does not match on arrival.

Logistics Tracking system

Secure Audit Trail

All timestamped package movements, photographs and signature capture automatically form a secure digital audit trail that can be generated at any time from the online portal. 


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