Operative Management App

Carry out on-the-spot competency checks, view medical and emergency contact information, and mark attendance to site briefings or toolbox talks by simply scanning an operative’s unique QR code using the Operative Management app.

Our app integrates with DataScope’s Time & Attendance System, Competency Management, and Field Management Software to give instant access to vital operative information directly on site.


Time and Attendance integration to show operative’s movement 

Live permits

Emergency contacts and medical information


Colour-coded cards for operative’s status

Competencies and expiry dates

Marked attendance to site briefings or toolbox talks 

Competency Cards

QR Codes can be included and printed using the DataScope system as part of an ID or swipe card to give instant access to a range of information.

App Features

Scan an operative’s QR code to instantly view emergency contact information, competencies and expiry dates, live permits, timestamped shifts and swipe history, and mark attendance to toolbox talks or site briefings.


Operative Management underpinned by industry leading Time & Attendance software

Our Operative Management app fully integrates with our Time & Attendance system as standard, providing live operative data.

DataScope began developing its Time & Attendance system in 2004, and today we firmly believe it to be the most advanced and flexible Time & Attendance solution to the construction industry.

Our system allows for intelligent operative on-boarding and management while giving you full control of site access, powerful reporting tools and more. 

Find out more about our Time and Attendance system here.

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