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The remote worker app is an intelligent solution to monitoring movements of workers attending remote sites at any location anywhere in the country. Operatives can use the Remote Worker clocking app to clock in and out of work sites they are assigned to from any smartphone. 

Fully integrated with our Time & Attendance System, site teams can view workforce swipe and shift data via the online system, view a map showing all operative swipes, generate reports and more.


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Clocking App for Remote Worker Time & Attendance Management

Sign in to Remote Worksites in Real Time

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Workers’ location is registered in real time, along with the time that they clocked in and out. The captured data is then sent to the wider system for review. Site locations can be added through the web-based system, and companies can view data on their operatives via a range of bespoke reports. Companies can add as many operatives to the system as they wish. 

Key Features

  • Location Tracking
  • Fingerprint and PIN Authentication
  • Fatigue Management Question Options
  • GPS location and/or site selection
  • Photograph capture
  • Fully integrated with Tine & Attendance System
  • Available on Android and iOS

Key App Features

Remote Worker 1

Sign in to any worksite from the app by selecting from a list or scanning a QR code. Workers can answer fatigue questions that feed into reports on the workforce management system.


Remote Worker 2

Supervisors can select and sign in multiple operatives from one device and users can review their swipe history directly in the app. 

Underpinned by industry-leading Time & Attendance & Fatigue Management Software

DataScope's Remote Worker App is integrated with our Time & Attendance System as standard allowing teams to safely and efficiently onboard their workforce. We have also built a set of fatigue management tools:

  • View sign-in and out locations of all operatives
  • Generate and view detailed reports and metrocs on your workforce 
  • Ask fatigue management questions at the point of sign on
  • View and manage proactive and reactive exceedance alerts


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