CCTV, Security & Surveillance

DataScope provides an entire range of IP Camera systems designed to meet the needs of our clients including fixed, PTZ and mobile solutions. Our cameras range from High Definition through to 4k and Thermal Imaging. The cameras, although predominantly used for Security and Health & Safety have a range of features to assist our clients in their day-to-day operations, such as Analytics for PPE Detection, Object Classification, Intrusion Detection and many other information gathering Analytics.

Recording and Monitoring

With all of our camera equipment, the cameras would be recorded on site for a minimum of 31 days and either viewed on site or remotely monitored at our partner monitoring centre.

When coupled with remote detection and tannoy equipment, an entire solution is designed to meet the needs of our clients. Alerts or alarms from site can be proactively responded to by the site security teams or remote monitoring centre. Push notifications of incidents can be automatically sent to our clients’ nominated personnel.

National and Global Service

As with all DataScope products, our CCTV and Specialist offerings are nationally and globally deployed and maintained by our installation and maintenance teams.

CCTV Remote Diagnostics

Our software management system is used to monitor all deployed cameras for their ‘Health Status’ reporting back to DataScope for actioning.

Construction Site CCTV Surveillance System


ANPR camera


Our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) helps control vehicle movement on construction sites, improve site security, control site access and more.

The solution is fully integrated with our Time & Attendance and Delivery Management Systems to monitor and control access of inbound deliveries and operatives who are inducted.

The ANPR cameras can be linked with road barriers or other Automated Control Measures to control access and egress, as well as providing a wealth of valuable reporting tools and other features.

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Construction scene with cranes


Transform how your construction project is viewed and managed with DataScope's Time-lapse cameras. Capture months' worth of work and turn it into a video to showcase project progress, engage key stakeholders and view site from a difference perspective. 

Our user-friendly software stores images captured on the high-resolution cameras and allows you to turn them into a video in minutes - with full control of the duration, number of images and the speed it cycles through them.  

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Thermal Imaging example

Thermal Imaging

Our Thermal Imaging cameras are used not only for security, but are also used for very early fire detection in waste storage areas. Our mobile offering is also used for monitoring areas of Hot Working, and other temperature monitoring requirements.


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