CCTV, Security & Surveillance

DataScope’s digital IP CCTV surveillance systems utilise the very latest and most reliable camera systems available. Our digital surveillance solution comes with a huge range of features, such as data recording, image quality, and image search as well as retrieval, archiving, playback, simultaneous playback, record and archive capability.



Flexibility and Scalability

Wired & Wireless alarms

Easily Expandable – Network cameras can be quickly connected

Flexible alarm actions include alarm recording, alarm message, email notification, camera positioning, terminal output, alarm protocol output, buzzer and indicator

Easily Expandable data storage allows cameras to record for 30 days

Option for audio recording and playback.

Quick, intuitive search with calendar and timeline

Auto-Tracking capabilities. When motion is detected in the scene, the camera automatically pans and tilts to follow the movement.

Camera Controls: Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Pre-set Position, Auto mode (depending on camera

Option for ANPR

View multiple cameras across multiple sites from one location

Real time Digital Watermarking protects the videos and snapshots from unauthorised modifications

Downloadable viewer software allows playback of images downloaded from the recorder

Secure (multiple) remote access via local or external IP configuration

Time lapse photos can be taken and stored locally on an SD card and sent to a remote ftp server

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