Crane Management Software

DataScope’s Crane Management System and Booking Platform allows construction teams to dynamically manage all cranes through our online platform. Teams can electronically submit and manage lifting forms, manage bookings, availability, inspection schedules and more from one login. 


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Dynamic Online Crane Booking

Dynamic Online Crane

Make bookings live from both web system and app

Make bookings live from
both web system and app

Bespoke, multi-stage approval processes

Bespoke, multi-stage approval

Auto alerts

Auto alerts

Hook time management

 Hook time

Ability to manage each crane schedule individually

Ability to manage each
crane schedule individually

Crane Management Schedule & Booking Requests


Cranes can be added and managed by authorised users within the system and can be grouped as required for different areas. Review a full, interactive booking schedule to allow users to accept or reject bookings as well as drag bookings to move them or increase/decrease slot duration. Lifting plans can be attached to a booking and requests can follow custom, multi-stage approval routes as required.

Crane Management Software on PC and Phone

Digitising end-to-end lifting approval and crane booking process


Electronically complete, manage and approve lifting and booking forms via a smartphone device.

Multi-stage approval can be built into the booking process and once submitted operatives can see live queues and booking schedules via the DataScope System.

Lifting forms can undergo submission, approval or rejection before the actual booking is available to make. Submit Lifting forms from any smartphone device as well as request to book cranes from our online system.


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Datascope app on mobile phone



Crane Management, Inspection and Maintenance 


Full control of individual crane opening times, details, and unique inspection routines. Routine inspections are visible in the booking schedule to ensure there are no clashes. 

Crane Management Software on PC

Crane Management System screenshot

Dynamic Hook Time Management


Fully integrated with the Crane Management System, our banksman app allows all cranes to be managed and hook time to be recorded digitally in the field.

Select an asset to record hook time, idle time, change the asset status and more.

All information and timings captured on the app are fed back to the web system for review and dynamic reporting. 



End-to-end Logistics Integration

DataScope’s Crane Management System ties in with DataScope’s wider portfolio of products and services to provide the most advanced Crane Management Solution available to the global construction industry.

These include:

  • Delivery Management System
  • Haulier App
  • Our Banksman App
  • Our Asset Management Solution

These services linked provide the ability to change the focus of Delivery Booking, Gate Management and Crane Management to be a fully integrated and logically linked set of services, with a fundamental objective to:

  • Protect the local environment from the potential effects of excessive or un-controlled vehicle logistics challenges.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of the project – the objective being to get “the right materials, to the right place, at the right time, every time”.
  • Maximise delivery capacity and utilisation of the projects assets (gates, unloading bays, cranes, mechanical handling equipment, on-site storage).

Logistics Workflow example


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