Digital Permits

Specifically designed to digitise the permit approval process, DataScope’s Permits App enables site teams and subcontractors to electronically complete, manage and approve permits via any smartphone device.  

DataScope takes your existing permit form(s) and approval process and digitises it saving valuable time for both managers and subcontractors as well as leaving a secure electronic audit trail that can be accessed from the DataScope System at any time. 

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Key Features

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Multiple data capture options

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Electronic Audit Trail

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Multi-stage approval processes


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Link operatives with permits 

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Automatic email alerts

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Automatically generated PDF permit forms

Case Study - Mercury

"We have transferred from a manual process requiring multiple signatures on the same paper document to a fully-digital solution with the ability to submit, manage and approve documents via a smartphone. This has provided numerous benefits including enhanced oversight, tracking and reporting capabilities. It has allowed us to fully automate our process for a more effective system with increased controls."


Find out how Mercury digitised their Permit Process on a hyperscale data centre project. 

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Fully Customisable Forms and Process

Underpinning the app, DataScope has built intuitive supporting software which allows us to create custom forms and document processes as well as digitising our customers’ existing manual forms, workflows, and approval processes to meet our customers’ exact requirements.  The software allows us to automate complex multi-stage approval and workflow processes, allowing us to define where documents are sent, who needs to be notified via email, and who to approve them or take action.

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Forms can be integrated with a range of DataScope’s wider systems and services including triggering a delivery booking in the VBMS, booking assets, or generating a hotspot in the DataTouch planning system.

Each queue or trigger point in the workflow can be managed to define:

  • Where documents will move if they pass or fail
  • Who will be notified when a document enters a queue
  • Success and fail messages
  • Notification messages
  • Timeout if no action is taken

Automated Digital Audit Trail

For each permit, all actions taken, approvals/rejections, and completed forms, signatures and photographs are instantly available to view in one automatically created PDF. 

Digital Audit Trail


DataScope has a mature reports engine with a large range of standard prebuilt reports available which could be customised to suit individual reporting requirements. In addition to this we have report building software, automated reporting and data export options and API data connections are also available.


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