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DataTouch is our award-winning, interactive project planning software that is live on a wide range of major construction projects both throughout the UK and across Europe.

Taking live delivery, people, and resource data from our wider product range, DataTouch has revolutionised the DABS process, increasing productivity across the supply chain as well as highlighting risk.

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What is DataTouch?

DataTouch is a construction site planning solution that uses powerful software, built by DataScope, to deliver a range of user-friendly programmes to help with highly-effective planning and management of your project. 

The user can add information to an interactive area drawing through the use of Hotspots. Hotspots can be used to represent anything from tasks of work to assets. Hotspots can be linked to work areas to display the exact location the hotspot applies to.

DataTouch has many functionalities that help your site team manage co-ordination and progress of works on site:

  • Planning, Co-ordination and Risk Control       
  • High Risk Activity Management
  • Works co-ordination
  • Milestones management
  • 2/4/8/12 week lookaheads
  • Link tasks RAMS and Permits


DataTouch brings together all of this information into one daily report that is sent out to everyone on site, resulting in complete transparency and risk control across site through a simple interface.






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Case Study - The Weitz Company

"The biggest benefits are the visuality and the interactivity of the product as well as the time it saves to generate reports and update task progress."

Find out how Weitz automated their reporting and utilised our dashboarding services to visualise all site planned activities and project progress as well as any reasons for deviations in our case study.

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How does it Integrate?

DataTouch pulls data directly from DataScope's wider suite of solutions ensuring consistency of data, as well as increasing productivity right across the supply chain. 

Integration options include: 

integrated project management software

Digitising the Construction DABs and Planning Process 

digital DABS - construction planning software

Plan and manage daily activities, identify areas of conflict between trades and keep track of meeting notes such as H&S. 

DABs software for planning in construction

Add detailed task description to each hotspot, labour, task duration and more. Apply tasks of work to multiple drawings and/or levels. 

Dabs construction planning software

Mark and visualise any site exclusion zones directly on the drawing. 

Dabs meeting & construction planning software

Visualise all daily project tasks and milestones in gantt view, colour coded by company or between a specified date range. 

Powerful Daily Briefings Reports

DataTouch allows the appropriate team members to quickly build and generate powerful reports and email them out as a visual PDF report to key stakeholders all via the DataTouch interface. Choose what you want to include in the report from task and hotspot information, to weather, High Risk Activities, meeting notes, attendees and more. 


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construction project planning software


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