Construction Site Access Control System

Industry-Leading Access Control for Construction


Live on more than 800 construction projects across the UK and globally, DataScope’s Construction Site Access Control systems sit at the heart of what we offer. With a wide range of turnstile and access management options available, we can offer a solution that works for sites of different size and access requirements.

Our access control is underpinned by the industry’s most advanced and flexible workforce management software with a range of integration options both helping to keep your construction site secure while also keeping the workforce safe. 


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Flexible Access Management


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The DataScope system allows for site, contractor, and operative restrictions to be set, based on individual competencies, work level, warnings, and site schedule among others.



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Access restrictions can also be set to specific site areas where necessary and the system is also set up to detect and prevent duplicate swipes (pass back).



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Fire alarm integration and mustering – Our access control options integrate with fire alarm systems to go into freespin when the alarm is triggered.

Underpinned by Industry-Leading Workforce Management Software

All of DataScope's Access Control Hardware comes with DataScope's Time & Attendance System as standard.

DataScope began developing it's Time & Attendance System in 2004. Today we firmly believe it to be the most advanced and flexible Time & Attendance solution to the construction industry.

Our system allows for intelligent operative on-boarding and management while giving you full control of site access, powerful reporting tools and more.


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Construction Site Access Control software
Construction Site Access Control turnstiles

Turnstile Options

DataScope offers full and half height turnstiles as well as a range of different options to meet construction projects of different sizes and budgetary requirements.

If there is a specific solution you are looking for that you cannot find on our website, please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements.


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Authentication Options

Control access to your construction site with a range of authentication options that are compatible with all of our turnstiles.

Construction Site Access Control authentication

Additional Access Management Options

Smaller site or no need for a turnstile? We have a range of access management options to suit your requirements.

Remote Worker

Access management for remote workers

Key Features


  • Location Tracking
  • Fingerprint and PIN Authentication
  • Fatigue Management Question Options
  • GPS location and/or site selection

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Time management system - DataTime

Key Features


  • Plug & Play Operation
  • Capture shift/fatigue/toolbox talk records
  • Ask range of fatigue management questions
  • Biometrics and/or swipe access

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Access management tablet


Key Features


  • Offers quick site access for operatives
  • Time and Attendance integration
  • Carry out site evacuations
  • Available on our rugged tablets 

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