Access Management Tablet

DataScope’s Access Management App offers construction teams a simple solution to capturing operative’s access and egress on site.

For smaller sites or projects requiring a rapid solution, our app, paired with a streamlined onboarding process is quick to set up and deploy.

Utilising Rugged Tablets, the app allows operatives to tap their access card on the back of the tablet to sign in and out of site. 

Fully integrated with our Time & Attendance System, the app sends data to the wider system for reporting and monitoring purposes.  


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Rugged Tablet

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Manage Access Through Durable Rugged Tablets

Our Rugged Tablets are completely protected against elements such as dust and water. They can be completely submerged in water and still continue to fully operate.

The toughened case and screen is protected from shocks, drops and damage impact. Tested for drops up to 1.5 metres, you can be sure to pick up your tablet and continue working. 


Swipe In and Out of Worksites with One Tap

Operatives can quickly tap their card on the back of the tablet, signing themselves in and out of worksites. The operative's photograph will appear on the tablet, allowing site teams to verify their identity before accepting access.

There are a range of adjustable Time and Attendance settings, including ‘auto-accept cardholder by photo’ with the option to enable a countdown after the operative has swiped.

The app allows manual swipes for those who have forgotten or lost their access card.

TandA Settings

Muster Point

Conduct Site Evacuations with Muster System

Carry out site evacuation procedures quickly and efficiently with DataScope’s Muster App.

Instantly mark operative’s attendance and clearly view a list of operatives present and those not accounted for. Tablets can be used at each muster point, showing which operatives are present in each area.

When accounted for, operatives will disappear off the list making it easier to see who has not swiped their card. Run reports of the evacuation procedure on the Time and Attendance system, as well as simply resetting the muster system once an evacuation is complete.

Seamlessly Integrated with DataScope's Time and Attendance System

The Access Management App is underpinned by our Time & Attendance system, providing live operative access data.

The app pushes data to the wider system for all reporting requirements. This can include viewing operative's swipe in and out history, or attendance at each muster point during site evacuations.

Our Time and Attendance system is used for operative on-boarding and management as well as giving you full control of site access, powerful reporting tools and many other features. 

Discover more on our Time and Attendance system:


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