Construction Turnstiles

Underpinned by industry-leading access control technology, our range of turnstile access control gives the flexibility to securely manage workers’ access to construction sites of different size and budgetary requirements.

Turnstile Options

DataScope offers a range of standard turnstile options, including full and half height options. The only provision DataScope require for the installation of turnstiles is power 1 and a solid base. All turnstiles and biometric readers are linked to reader modules that connect to our software via a 4G network, allowing real time reporting. All our turnstiles can link with wireless fire alarm systems to operate free-spin on the activation of an alarm.

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Authentication Options

Control access to your construction site with a range of authentication options that are compatible with all of our turnstiles.

Additional Turnstile Options


DataPod is a mobile turnstile that has been designed specifically for the construction industry offering a secure, quick-to-deploy and easily movable access control unit. Consisting of a full-height turnstile and fingerprint or card reader, DataPod can be installed and ready to go in under two hours and only requires a firm base and power.


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The Rapid Deploy Turnstile has been designed to offer the construction sector a secure, quick to deploy and portable access control unit.

The turnstiles are self-contained and arrive on site pre-configured and ready to go.

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Underpinned by Industry-Leading Workforce Management Software

All of DataScope's Access Control Hardware comes with DataScope's Time and Attendance System as standard.

DataScope began developing it's Time & Attendance system in 2004, and today we firmly believe it to be the most advanced and flexible Time & Attendance solution to the construction industry.

Our system allows for intelligent operative on-boarding and management while giving you full control of site acccess, powerful reporting tools and more.


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