Delivery Management

DataScope’s Delivery Management System is an online contractor and supplier portal which allows for dynamic management of all site deliveries throughout the logistics life-cycle. 

Our online Delivery Management System is a simple yet efficient way to book, track and manage your site’s deliveries. We understand that every site is different, so our system is made bespoke to your specific needs – allowing you to add gates, create lay-down areas and allocate delivery slots.

Delivery Management System Brochure

software for delivery management

Platform Overview

Intelligent Booking Form

DataScope builds on our templated solution to build you a delivery booking form that meets your exact requirements.

  • Book/turnaround booking capability 
  • Shows real time booking availability
  • FORS Integration
  • Automatic CO2 calculation
delivery booking online form

Visual Delivery Schedule

Colour-coded delivery schedule with clear visibility of slot availability. Delivery bookings made in available slots can be automatically accepted or subject to the approval of the logistics team

Delivery schedule software

Construction site Delivery Management system

System Administration

A high level of system configuration allows administrators to control site opening times, delivery slot duration and capacity, as well as manage gates and lay-down areas as required.
Delivery management reporting software

Powerful Reporting Tools

Filterable reports exportable in a range of formats including CO2 emissions reports, delivery performance metrics and more. Along with our standard suite of reports, DataScope can build custom reports from any data captured within our system.

Managing deliveries in real time

Manage Deliveries In Real Time

Use DataScope’s rugged tablet and app  with our Delivery Management System to check in of deliveries and manage vehicle compliance in real time

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Resource Booker

Resource Booker is an additional module which allows site teams to book site plant, NRMM and resources as part of a delivery booking or a standalone booking.  
Key Features of the Web Platform
• Integrated with the Delivery Management System
• Management of Resources and Booking Schedule
• Ability to add new resource types/resources via the system
• Manage Resource Availability times
Delivery Management Resources and Booking Schedule



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