Construction Logistics

From supplier to hoist, DataScope has developed industry-leading software for every stage of the construction logistics cycle. Having developed complex logistics software solutions to some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the UK in recent years as well as providing logistics software to airports, hospitals, shopping centres and more, we have applied this knowledge to offer a range of fully-integrated solutions that not only digitalises logistics, but drives true benefit for contractors, the supply chain and the local community.  

In developing a fully integrated and logically linked set of services, we have developed tools with the fundamental objectives to:

  • To protect the local environment from the potential effects of excessive or un-controlled vehicle logistics challenges
  • Get the right materials, to the right place, at the right time, every time
  • To maximise delivery capacity and utilisation of the project’s assets (gates, unloading bays, cranes, mechanical handling equipment, on-site storage).

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Construction Logistics

End-to-End Logistics Management

DataScope has designed a suite of software to help digitalise and enhance the entire logistics lifecycle. While all of our systems are modular, they can be fully integrated to create a powerful logistics solution that works for all. 


Logistics Management in the Construction industry


Delivery Management System

Forming the foundation of our logistics services, DataScope's Delivery Management System has become the industry-standard in construction. 

Configured to specific site requirements, dynamically manage all site deliveries in real time, book and assign resources, manage driver compliance and more. 



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Construction Logistics Software

Tracking Deliveries from Supplier to Gate

Dynamically manage all construction delivery vehicles to site with live vehicle tracking and ETA with our haulier app.

Check in deliveries directly at the gate or vehicle holding areas, carry out vehicle compliance checks and more using our DMS app and tablet.


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Dynamic  Logistics Management software for the Construction Industry

Reporting and Dashboards

We can build powerful visual BI dashboards showing live logistics metrics for your construction project.

Powerful reporting tools across all of our our logistics solutions allow logistics teams to generate critical reporting on delivery performance, CO2 emissions, forecast vs actual and much more.   


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Reporting and Dashboards for Construction Logistics software


To find out about these or any of our other products, or to request a demonstration or a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team