Waste Management Software

Market-leading software that helps construction teams book, track & manage the removal of all waste from construction sites as well as complete and submit digital Waste Transfer and Hazardous Consignment Notes from one, fully integrated platform. 


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Key Features

Book and Manage Waste Collections through an online portal

Complete electronic WTNs and HWCNs through the online portal and app

Live tracking of waste from site to the waste facility


Manage waste carrier compliance

Full electronic audit trail

Comprehensive reporting

Book and Manage Waste Collections

Construction teams can book and manage waste collections via our online portal which also functions as our Delivery Management System. Team members can view a live delivery gate schedule to ensure there are no clashes. 

Digital Waste Transfer Notes

Booking a waste collection on our system automatically generates a Waste Transfer Note or a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note. This can be partially completed on the system and then sent to the haulier driver to complete on their app. 

Live Vehicle Tracking

Our Waste Management System integrates seamlessly with our Haulier App allowing drivers to complete Waste Transfer Notices from their smartphone as well as track the waste vehicle from site to the waste facility.

Secure Audit Trail

All Waste Transfer Notes submitted on the app are available as a downloadable PDF on the web system with a full, timestamped audit trail of who completed the document and when. 


Our system comes with a comprehensive Reporting suite that allows users to run detailed reports on any data captured by our system and app.   

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