Digital QHSE Tools

DataScope can create, host a range of bespoke QHSE forms, workflows and processes all accessible from one app and one common data platform. Our platform is currently used by a number of major contractors for a range of functions such as, but not limited to: Permits, Non-conformance reporting, Asset Management & Inspection, Positive Intervention and Close Call Reporting, Spot Competency Checking, Toolbox Talk Attendance Management, Incident Management and Clean Up Notices.

Underpinning the app, DataScope has built intuitive supporting software which allows us to create custom forms and document processes as well as digitising our customers’ existing manual forms, workflows, and approval processes to meet our customers’ exact requirements.  The software allows us to automate complex multi-stage approval and workflow processes, allowing us to define where documents are sent, who needs to be notified via email, and who to approve them or take action.

We are able to build forms to include a wide range of data capture options as well as signature capture (sign on glass) and photograph capture. Any forms submitted from the app will be automatically sent to the appropriate team member to review and action as well as being available on the web system as a PDF for review and audit purposes.

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