Automated Social Value Reporting

How Mace’s Social Value team save valuable time using automated reporting across 18 projects.

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With a relationship spanning over 10 years which has evolved into a pan-European strategic partnership, DataScope works with Mace to provide workforce, logistics, QHSE and planning solutions across their many projects. Mace stands firmly in the vanguard of digital innovation in the global construction industry, and have played a key role in the development of DataScope’s full-suite of solutions throughout our longstanding relationship.

The Challenge

As part of their ongoing dedication to delivering social value across all of their projects, Mace is required to demonstrate their commitment to the development of local skills and labour in projects’ local communities. Mace need to report evidence of this to the local authorities against the S106 requirements on a regular basis.

Currently using our access control and Time & Attendance system across all of their projects, our operative database allows Mace to capture key social value data but gathering reports and formatting the required information was time-consuming.

The Solution

Automated Reports Created for 18 Projects

Suzanne Hardy, Head of Social Value (Construction) approached DataScope to provide an automated reporting solution that pulled data from DataScope’s Time & Attendance System and provided the exact information required to meet client and local authority requirements across 18 of their live projects.

Pulling key data on local labour, full time employees on site, gender, apprentices, travel method and distance to site, the report is automatically emailed to the main point of contact for each project on a monthly basis in a consistent format.

“In brief – rather than each member of my team having to go into DataScope and pull off the data and then put it in the right format to be able to use the information we get the information given directly to us.”


Up to 2 Days a Month per Project Saved

With our reports engine able to automatically collect the required data and format it for Mace’s social value team, significant time has been saved across all of their projects.

“On some projects this can save up to 2 days a month in data manipulation and analysis. It ensures that we can use our time more effectively delivering social value for the local community rather than spending unnecessary time in data analysis.”

This report is then expected to be used on further projects as standard best practice.