DataScope Appoints Ali Ghate as Technical Product Manager

Ali Ghate

DataScope is delighted to welcome to the team Ali Ghate as Technical Product Manager. Previously working for Multiplex focusing on digitising key systems and processes, Ali is now looking to utilise his experience with working directly on major projects and apply it to the development of DataScope’s products.


Ali’s journey started by working as part of the SHEQ team at 100 Bishopsgate eventually moving to a global role looking to digitise key processes to improve health & safety, productivity and efficiency across all Multiplex sites.

“I am really delighted with the appointment of Ali Ghate as Technical Product Manager. DataScope’s culture and approach to innovation has been rooted in working closely with key customers for a long time. Employing a previous customer who has direct insight into key challenges faced on site seemed like a natural next step.” Adrian Butt, Managing Director

Now moving to DataScope Ali is passionate about working with a technology company to improve these processes across the industry. Ali’s experience will not only give DataScope greater practical insight into the major challenges faced by contractors and the supply chain but also help to establish the potential blockers to digitisation.

“Having worked for one of our major customers we think Ali Ghate will be key in helping deepen our understanding of the practical needs of our customers and, most importantly, those who will use the application or systems on a daily basis” Rob Hinds – Director of Business