DataScope’s Response to Covid-19

With the call for the construction sector to return to work I wanted to provide an update on what DataScope have been developing to help our customers with their next steps:

We have worked to move turnstiles, add additional entrances and switch many sites to proximity cards as well as providing a rapid-deployment turnstile solution. We have developed enhanced spot-checks through our Remote Worker App, created ‘no-touch’ DataTime units, introduced time constraints to force staggered shift times, used our Briefing Platform to provide instant updates and added social distancing to our DataTouch DABS system.

We have also built an Access Management System for a number of NHS Nightingale facilities which is touch free, tablet-based, enables staff to pre-enrol & pre-induct from their own devices and can be rolled out with a training and support package in less than 48 hours.

Our teams have also been meeting with partners to help us deliver new innovations, all of which can be fully integrated with our existing solution. These include contact tracing, thermal imaging, facial recognition and a track & trace solution. We’re running live customer trials right now.

It has been a challenging but hugely productive last few weeks and hopefully now we can start to move forward once again.

Facial Recognition Briefings Platform