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DataScope have expanded across Europe rapidly over recent years with operations now at 70 live projects in 19 different countries outside of the UK. We’ve also made our first steps recently into North America, South America and APAC with an accompanying investment in our management team to support system design, implementation, training and ongoing development.

Many of these projects are planning-led and utilise our DataTouch system for Daily Briefings, Last Planner and Collaborative Planning to bring a major differentiator to their build programmes. The majority of our general contractors have also integrated this with our access solutions, pre-enrolment, pre-induction, logistics, assets and QHSE systems to create a powerful analytics platform influencing day to day operations.

Recognising the distinct challenges that supporting a global customer base can bring, DataScope have rolled out – and continue to expand – an international business management team that is able to replicate the operational and technical model that has worked so well for DataScope in the UK. The focus is on embedding our staff within projects during initial stages and then continuing development through regular re-visits.

Whilst we have brought something genuinely unique to these global projects, DataScope too have learnt about a variety of different approaches and techniques which has allowed us to add further new features and functionality across our product range. 

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