Leaders in Construction Luncheon

DataScope hosted a private lunch for some of our clients at one of London’s most prominent landmarks, the Palace of Westminster. 

Datascope at House Of Commons

We were invited by our local MP (Alyn and Deeside), Mark Tami to the House of Commons for an exclusive tour, learning about the building’s history and heritage as well as the past and present work of UK Parliament.

Datascope inside House Of Commons

Food for Thought

The tour was followed by a private lunch sitting, where the group had an exceptional dining experience provided by in-house chefs and dining staff. During this time, round table talks were held giving the opportunity for debate and discussion.

The subjects of discussion focused around the challenges we face in the industry, inspiring the next generation and working conditions present on construction sites. The group discussed how today’s modern technology comes into play and what more can be done within project teams to ensure quality, health & safety and efficiency.

“This was a great opportunity to bring together some of our valued customers to share experiences and gain real insights on industry challenges.

Our discussions during lunch saw a strong engagement from everyone in the room with some interesting points raised.” – Adrian Butt, Managing Director at DataScope


Our clients also shared their experiences of using DataScope’s digital systems and products to enhance their projects.

Adrian added, “I personally found it really interesting on the positive insights to how different customers use our systems including Time & Attendance, Digital Permits, Logistics, DataTouch and more plus where we are going with our next generation of solutions.”


Watch this space as we hope to host more of these events with our clients in the future.