Digital Logistics Management – Sydney Metro West

Digital Logistics Management – Sydney Metro West

How the Gamuda Australia and Laing O’Rourke Consortium logistics team used DataScope’s Delivery Management System to save time, reduce site congestion, and ensure delivery driver and vehicle compliance on the Sydney Metro West – Western Tunnelling Package.

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Mace Case Study: Automated Social Value Reporting

Automated Social Value Reporting

How Mace’s Social Value team save valuable time using automated reporting across 18 projects.


DataTouch Lands on First Data Centre Project in Indonesia

DataTouch Lands on First Data Centre Project in Indonesia

Being the first to adopt DataScope’s planning software in Indonesia, Obayashi reveal the reasons for switching to a digital solution for their DABs meetings. 

RAMS Management System Designed for Berkeley Homes Project

RAMS Management System Designed for Berkeley Homes Project 

Berkeley Homes looks back on the beneficial outcomes of implementing DataScope’s RAMS Management System to Woodberry Down.

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Digital Ladder Permits at Hinkley Point C

Digital Ladder Permits at Hinkley Point C


How the team at Hinkley Point C leveraged DataScope’s software to control the use of ladders across site, improve auditability and reduce risk.

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Mace Case Study: Electronic Riser Management

Mace Case Study: Electronic Riser Management

How Mace saved time and improved compliance by working with DataScope to digitalise their Riser permit and booking process at the East Bank; Stratford Waterfront development.

Weitz Use DataTouch to Revolutionise DABs Meetings

Weitz Use DataTouch to Revolutionise DABs Meetings

How The Weitz Company worked with DataScope to implement DataTouch, taking Daily Briefing meetings to the next level on a major data centre project in Des Moines, Iowa.

Mercury Digitise Their Permits Process

How Mercury eliminated paperwork, automated manual processes and increased efficiency on hyperscale data centre project in Amsterdam.

DataTouch at Mace Greenwich Peninsula

DataTouch at Mace Greenwich PeninsulaMace logo

Working in partnership with the Mace site team at Greenwich Peninsula, DataScope developed market-first software that has not only cut the time taken to carry out a DABs meeting in half, but also made a significant contribution to improved health, safety & wellbeing on site.

DABS meeting Mace Greenwich Peninsula

DataScope’s software has contributed to:

  • Engaging the entire supply chain in marking their own areas of responsibility and highlighting potential site hazards using interactive software.
  • Allowing site managers to identify operatives who have exceeded a specified number of working hours using bespoke reporting functionality, to help manage fatigue and improve overall wellbeing of operatives across the supply chain.
  • Using the DataTouch software to create a more planned and controlled approach to all aspects of the delivery of site works, including all works being carried out in risers – therefore reducing health and safety incidents associated with these works and highlighting any trends and exceptions for analysis and action.
  • Developing software that has now created a blueprint for future projects.


What did DataTouch do to improve health, safety and wellbeing outcomes?   

DataTouch is an interactive management tool geared towards planning health & safety critical site activity and communicating it effectively across the entire site team. When used alongside YellowJacket, DataTouch has become an essential tool in planning health & safety critical activity.

During DABS meetings, contractors use drag and drop “hotspots” to plot their daily tasks of work on an interactive digital site plan on the TV. The software allows contractors to clearly mark exclusion zones and hazards. DataTouch can also be used to assist with the planning of traffic in and out of sites as well as fire routes, by simply using an interactive of site, which can easily be drawn on and changed at any time.

DataScope has developed bespoke reporting functionality that identifies when an operative has exceeded more than a specified number of hours on site. This allows managers to deal with and proactively manage operative fatigue, which has a direct impact on the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all operatives across site.    

The system allows managers to filter the report by date and/or company, allowing the Mace team to identify any trends and work with the trades where operative fatigue may become an issue.

DataTouch has been designed to mobilise the entire supply chain to actively visualise and manage their daily activity, and identify any potential health & safety risk. The ability to get trades to engage with the software to mark out exactly where they will be working or areas where they have concerns allows everyone to visualise and understand how it will affect their own areas of responsibility – and how they affect others across the project.


DataTouch has seen particular significance in its use for the planning of activity being carried out in risers. Riser drawings have been loaded into DataTouch and allow the manager to pinpoint and mark exactly where and when works are to be carried out in the risers, carry out daily audits of planned activity, which in turn has allowed for a more controlled approach to working at height.   

The software also has built-in functionality which allows the manager to create a comprehensive DABs report after the meeting that collates all of the information gathered on the software during the meeting and instantly emails it to over 100 stakeholders both across the site, as well as to the senior Mace health & safety team.  

project planning software



What were the results? 

Since the implementation of DataTouch, the time taken to carry out a daily briefing meeting has been cut in half. The ability for the software to electronically store all records of planned activity to be carried out each day has eliminated the need for the Mace team to spend a significant amount of time both preparing for a meeting, and write up a report after the meeting.

  • Time taken to carry out daily briefing meetings has been cut in half, meaning time saved for every manager on site each day.
  • Clear digital record of all site briefings, leaving a secure audit trail
  • A digital copy of the daily briefing report is automatically emailed out to over 100 people each day, ensuring no break in communication
  • With a limited amount of space, communicating deliveries within DABs has ensured there are no clashes between trades using off-load areas and material movements into site
  • Improved communication between contractors
  • Has saved time for not only the Mace site team, but also for all of the contractors using the product daily
  • Has subsequently been used on further Mace projects in both Holland and Denmark


Major Logistics Project

Major Logistics Project

Airport runway

Project Overview

DataScope designed, built and provided consultancy services in the implementation of a new end-to-end logistics system for a major third party logistics provider for one of the UK’s largest airports. 

After a highly successful development and deployment of a Proof of Concept Logistics System, DataScope was subsequently approached to adapt this system to match the logistics model and demanding specifications of the airport. 


  • A comprehensive supplier/retailer delivery booking system
  • Ability to book a collection
  • A full Tack and Trace system using QR codes and an android scanner to track deliveries throughout the logistics cycle
  • A complete audit trail of a delivery’s movements including timestamps, photographs taken and electronic signature capture
  • Exception alerts when a package entered an area it shouldn’t have
  • A billing model which automatically generated billing reports
  • A Master Data Management System to allow for full configurability of the system and logistics flow

Datacope Logistics overview

How did DataScope add Value?

While DataScope was provided with a detailed specification, there were areas which required our vast experience in this area to guide the development of certain aspects of the system and suggest changes and improvements to the original specification that we believed would both enhance the software and the end-user experience.

In terms of our approach to the project, DataScope adopted agile software development methodology, meaning that DataScope worked in 2-week sprints to allow for constant review and adaption of the system as it evolved as well as the flexibility to make any late changes to the system build upon a client’s request. Upon system deployment, DataScope provided a comprehensive training package, as well as supplying “Hypercare” to site during the go-live week which meant an around-the-clock on-site presence of a DataScope technical lead to provide support with the transition to the new system.

Measurable Benefits

The implementation of our system has driven a number of both time and cost-saving benefits to our client. These include:

  • Giving suppliers the ability to print their own labels, saving the logistics team significant time
  • A streamlined scanning process of packages via the android app with the benefit of further time saved
  • A full audit trail of all package movements with more precise traceability of a packages’ location
  • Highly advanced system configurability using the Master Data Management System – our client would previously need to submit a change request to the previous provider which would have both cost and time implications. This has now been eliminated in many areas

As a result of the resounding success of the system, DataScope have subsequently developed the system for three additional sites, and are in talks to develop the system even further on two major projects.  

Datascope Logistics case study overview